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KPI Europe Mission Statement

Kamit Preparatory Institute Europe School is built on the philosophy that learning takes place when a child is nurtured. Our education practices are built on the understanding that all children are talented, our job is to nurture and nourish the mind so that latent talent can emerge. The concept is to teach the children how to learn and draw out their own innate talent, rather than merely pouring information in. Working together to achieve goals is emphasised alongside developing a child that can think critically, problem solve and classify information and life experiences. Personal integrity is a definite outcome we expect of our children as well as a healthy respect and regard for all.     Read more 

​Kamit Preparatory Institute - KPI (Europe)
"Love of God and Love of self. Respect for elders and Respect for one another"

For all KPI  enquiries please email:   kpieurope@gmail.com