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We are the main distributor in Europe for all books, CDs and DVDs etc by Ra Un Nefer Amen I, one of the foremost and prolific authors on the subject of Kamit Spiritual Philosophy.

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​By Ra Un Nefer Amen


By Ra Un Nefer Amen

Stress is the greatest and leading contributor to degenerative illnesses, mental disorders, criminal behaviour, suicide, lowered intellectual and emotional performance, failure in all areas of life, and the cruelties and injustice that abound in the world.

Mr Amen shares the insights he has gained on the subject through his 40 years of research, and successful counselling of clients and students all over the world. He combines the latest findings of neuroscience with the ancient practices of meditation to bring you an effective and proved method for eliminating stress from your life. Stress management is nothing more than the application of a bandage on a cancerous lesion.

Would you manage the pain from sitting on a tack? Or would you get up and remove it? It's time to reclaim your power, health, sanity and wealth and do your part for bringing forth the kind of world that belongs to all of us,


The Ra Qi Gong system by Ra Un Nefer Amen, the leading author of Kamitic spirituality--the seven volume Metu Neter series and many other books on meditation, Qi Gong, health and Chinese astrology.

Ra Qi gong is one of the only Qi Gong systems that address all of the five energy organ systems that govern the functions of the body, mind and psyche; and incorporates all of the techniques (healing sounds, breathing, mudras, meditation and postures) for manipulating the subtle forces that govern our well being.

 The effectiveness of the system is seen in the rapid and permanent health improvements that it brings. Many practitioners have seen permanent improvements in problems with their joints, vitality and stamina, libido, mental clarity and much more following two to three days of practice.

The Ra Qi Gong book and accompanying DVD will be on sale in the UK soon. 



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